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GMS est à la recherche d'un administrateur Systèmes


Network Systems Administrator - IT Technician

What we are looking for :
Open Source Network and Systems Administrator / MS Windows Technician

A good knowledge of Debian or Debian based distribution (eg Ubuntu):
•installation and management
•install and update of packages
•usage of common tools and services (OpenSSH, Apache, grep, sed, awk, etc)
•good security practices
•creation and backporting 'deb' packages

A solid understanding of the LAMP architecture. Knowledge of other database is a plus (PostgreSQL, Oracle).

A working knowledge of Virtualization (Xen and KVM).

Strong networking skills:
•from ping and traceroute to Wireshark and ngrep
•routing, iptables, etc. Knowledge of BGP (bird) is considered a plus
•DNS and DHCP (ISC (Bind9 and DHCP) and dnsmasq)
•IPSec and SSL VPNs (OpenVPN)
•Switch management and configuration (VLAN, Link aggregation, PoE)
•AAA with FreeRADIUS

Email and Groupware server management:
•multiple mail servers
•Postfix, Dovecot
•Roundcube webmail

Experience with programming and scripting:
•Shell, Perl and Python
•PHP and possibly C
•Version control with Git

Experience with monitoring systems, Nagios and Smartmontools

Can work with Layer 1 (physical):
•Rack installation
•HDDs, RAM, PCI, etc
•Diverse hardware (Desktop, Rack Mount and Blade)

Knowledge of VoIP (Asterisk, SIP and Snom phones) is considered a plus

Knowledge and experience with 'other' OSes is plus:
•iOS and Andriod
•MacOS X

Good interpersonal skills
•Can work both autonomously and in a team
•Interface with customers
•Present ideas and solutions

Day to day activities involve maintaining the smooth running of the email platforms, monitoring of servers and performing Second or possibly First level support as well as remote and on-site maintenance of our customers IT infrastuctures (mainly Windows solutions)

Broader responsibilities encompass the development of services and solutions for both in-house usage and for clients. Implementation of client service specifications. Migrations of data from old to new systems and architectures. Development on both in-house and OSS projects. Writing and maintaining documentation.

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